Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nail Polish Designs

First is the square grid pattern. I have to say that this polish from the China Glaze Magnetix collection doesn't actually have very strong magnetism. Other polishes from that collection showed this magnet off much better, but I wanted to try and post different coloured swatches (especially as I had not yet worn this particular shade yet). I believe this grid will be a similar look to one that is on the new China Glaze magnet. It has this grid design, some concentric circles, and some vertical lines. The main difference is that my grid is much smaller with about a 10x10 grid and the China Glaze one looks to be 3x3. Creating this grid magnet design is really simple, just cut strips of your magnet across the grain of the polarization and then offset each second strip by about the distance of the stripes on your magnet. My magnet had really close together stripes, so I only had to offset mine by about 1mm, but if your magnet has lines that are further apart, then you will need to offset more. You will also end up with larger squares (probably more like the China Glaze one). Next I tried to create a star magnet, I already have two different star magnets, and this one turned out ok, but it still needs some work I think, or perhaps it was just my rather average application of this one.

To make a star design, cut your magnet in thin strips along the grain of the polarization, then position the different strips into a star design. Next up is something a little crazy. The truth is, I wasn't sure what it would create, I was just cutting up the magnet trying to work out another way to put them together. Its sort of a crazy circular design, slightly flower like. In fact, I think I will call it the flower magnet.