Sunday, August 17, 2014

Great Nail Art Brushes

Do you know my nail-art-brushes history? No? Oh, wait, there wasn't any until today. You see, for the first year or two of my nail art obsession I used regular craft store brushes that I cut down a lot, the bristles aren't really soft, but they are cheap and work just fine. About a year ago I bought cheap 5pc brush kit, but I ended up using most of the brushes for makeup instead of nail art, only one of them was useful, perfect for floral designs.

And now I own 15pc nail art brush kit from Born Pretty Store, wow. I was wise and also I got nail art wheel with the brushes to have something to try them on. I didn't fill it yet, I painted seven designs and tried almost all the brushes. I took photos of the brushes after I used them for the first time, that's why some of them aren't completely clean, the paint wouldn't come off. In the photo below you can see what I painted next to the brushes I used.

Pictures of Nail Art Brushes

Before I get to the kit review, let's talk a bit about the nail art (clockwise):
You see the pink flowers? Yeea, my first try ever on one stroke!
The tribal is the same as always, detailing brush, striper and a dotting tool.
Did you know how perfect fan brush was for abstract nail art?!
Nothing new here, I can do the same design with the brushes I've owned for ages. It was quicker with the new ones, though.
Drops. I love drops. With detailing brush of course. And abstract base with fan brush.
Sort of waterfall design, but not really, I started with this nail, it's not that creative. Shortest striper brush.